The trend-setting slot nozzle

  • Perfect surface due to a better atomisation of high-viscosity coating materials
  • High flow rate and fast operating speed
  • Wide variety of sprayable materials (water-based and latex paints can now also be processed)
  • The latest generation of more high-viscosity materials (Thixotrope) can be processed without problems whereas it is not possible for them to be atomised using a conventional HVLP device.
  • WAGNER patent applied for
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Visco - The new nozzle generation

For the first time ever, a low-pressure spraying device provides the opportunity to process this material diversity at once. Thanks to various spraying attachments you will need only one device in order to process the entire spectrum of colours using the Visco nozzle.

Due to the innovative Visco nozzle it is possible also for high-viscosity materials to be atomised in an extra fine way. This ensures excellent surfaces in professional quality.

In addition, the ViscoTec nozzle ensures a wide spray stream. That way, you are faster than using a roller and brush thus meeting any deadline.