Further extras and features

XVLP offers a lot more

3+2 warranty

WAGNER gives you a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for each newly purchased professional paint spraying device. Moreover, secure 2 additional warranty years by registering online. This is unique in the industry! Because we are convinced of our professional quality devices. Take us up on that!

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When comparing the working life of the device to the price, the economic benefits per litre of paint sprayed is clearly demonstrated. You will save material and time as well. WAGNER devices allow you to offer your services competitively and at a high margin.

Low noise level

The 2-stage automatic unit makes it possible to start running the turbine only as needed, reducing the noise level, saving the turbine (no idle running) and avoiding dust formation.

Quality hose

The eXtra long hose provides you with a maximum of leeway. Extend your working radius. No cumbersome carrying back and forth thanks to the 5 metre extra long hose. For additional protection in daily use it is covered with a high-quality Monofil fabric.

Long lifecycle

This professional device has been designed for daily use and consists mainly of high-grade aluminium. This ensures little wear and tear so that the device will be a long lived reliable partner.

Compact and manageable

The stationary machine FC 5000 is extremly light and compact with a weight of 8 kg. The ergonomic handle makes it easy for you to carry it from one job site to another.
The handheld FC 3500 is lightweight at only 2.3 kg. It is delivered in a handy transportable case.

Easy cleaning

Material that is not used any more can be simply poured back into the original container without any wastage. Depending on the material used the spraying attachment is rinsed after usage with water or dissolvent and then filled. The system is then put into operation again and automatically cleaned while spraying. Remaining colour can then be removed using a small brush.