What advantages does a spraying system provide?

Userfriendlyness for everyone

Spraying is much simpler than you think! The compact handling and an distinctive fine spray pattern make the XVLP series by WAGNER a real alternative to paint brush and roller. You will love the simplified technology, which enables you to set up the main functions by hand in seconds only. Professionals who work so far with brush and roller and avoided the costs for a spraying device, as well as professionals who already work with a spraying device, will find a reliable partner in the FinishControl units.

Perfect surface

Many objects are steadily or partly exposed to weather conditions. Sunshine, wind, rain and snow, heat and coldness as well as humidity often affect surfaces. A protective coating makes them more resistant. In a test carried out by WAGNER, various common types of timber were coated using a commercially available paint brush of average quality and partly coated using a fine spraying system and then exposed to weather conditions. After only a short time, the timber parts coated using the paint brush showed a complete decomposition of the coating material in parts. In contrast, the coating applied using a fine spraying system proved to be clearly more resistant against environmental influences.
Repair jobs on pre-sprayed surfaces can be managed quickly and easily because the texture remains constant throughout.

Time saving

In direct comparison between paint spraying devices from WAGNER and commercially available paint brushes, the time saved when using a paint spraying device is particularly clear-cut with large areas. But also when coating filigree objects, you are essentially faster by means of fine spraying systems. Even angles and places that are hard to reach using a brush can be varnished or painted in quickly thanks to the exactly adjustable spray jet.
As for walls and ceilings, the painful priming of corners and edges using a brush can be dispensed with. The paint is sprayed on quickly in one go with even coverage.
All this is carried out by a spraying system with the same covering effort than with a brush and roller.

* Average time including covering, grinding, painting, and general set-up time.