XVLP FinishControl 5000 and FinishControl 3500 

WAGNER is market-leading in the field of surface coating and spraying systems. More than 60 years after founding the company J. Wagner, the WAGNER group is today globally active and steadily develops innovations like the current XVLP Generation.

Product information for Great Britain

Kindly note that there will be a 110 V model available in addition with different data facts. It will be introduced soon.

Spraying attachment FineSpray StandardSpray WallSpray
Recommended field of application Varnishes Standard lacquers Water-based and Latex paint
Nozzle size 1.8 mm Standard nozzle 4.1 mm Slot nozzle 4.1 mm Slot nozzle
Container material Stainless steel Stainless steel Plastic
Container filling capacity 1000 ml 1000 ml 1400 ml
Suction tube Standard (long)
Standard (long) XXL
Filter adaption Fine Fine & coarse No
Indication Cleaning brush Feed tube filter, fine Feed tube filter, coarse Feed hopper
Scope of delivery 1 piece 5 pieces 5 pieces 3 pieces
Part no. 0514 209 2324 248 2324 249 2324 745
Indication Container 1000 ml Tanos-systainer Air filter (FC 5000) Carrying strap (FC3500)
Scope of delivery 1 piece 1 piece 3 pieces 1 piece
Part no. 2324 749 2324 249 2322 446 2371 187




SprayGuide - the material test report data base

For achieving best results and surface finishes with the XVLP technology and perfectly match material and equipment technology WAGNER offers the SprayGuide. Our experts are permanently carrying out material tests and publish outcomes and information for best practices. The latest material tests for the XVLP technology can be found here.