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XVLP – The modular spraying system without compromise

Find out more about FinishControl 5000 and FinishControl 3500

  • Extra 1: Unique diversity of materials
  • Extra 2: Quick colour change
  • Extra 3: Full control
  • Many more extras

FinishControl 3500 - the new family member

Learn more about our brandnew innovation, absolutely unique!

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Easy Handling High covering power Perfect surface Time saving

Spraying is the way it is done today

Have you been working the traditional way using a paint roller and brush up until now? Take a look at the many advantages offered by a spraying system.

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Visco – The trend-setting slot nozzle
Patent applied for – rightly so!

A new era is beginning due to the Visco nozzle. It guarantees perfect surfaces and offers a better atomisation performance even with water-based paints and high-viscosity lacquers.


Regardless of which media, it guarantees perfect colour application thanks to extra fine atomisation.

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Quick colour and material change thanks to Click and Paint.

Complete control with Direct Spray Control

Adjust the air and material quantity directly on the airgun. Any fine adjustments can be made simply by using just two control units. Do you prefer spraying vertically? Spray levels can also be changed by hand on the nozzle.

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